New biology facility to explore renewable fuels in New Mexico

Construction has started on a new biological research facility based at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), New Mexico this month.

US senator Tom Udall spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony and praised New Mexico’s past and future contributions to the nation’s renewable energy efforts.

‘The LANL has always pioneered discoveries to protect our nation and energy security is an important part of that,’ says Udall. ‘This biology research lab is a great step forward and I’m especially excited about the work that will be done here on biofuel and the biotechnology benefits of algae.’

 ‘Research into alternative forms of energy, of which biofuels is a key component, is one of the major national security imperatives of this century,’ adds LANL director Dr Charles McMillan.

The new facility is a $12 million (€9.5 million) project and is expected to generate 32 new jobs.

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