New biogas refuelling station to be built in Sweden

A new biogas refuelling station is to be built in Linköping, Sweden. The project, led by Svensk Biogas, will be the first of its kind in Linköping - Sweden’s fifth-largest city.

“A liquid biogas refuelling station in Linköping means that we can offer our locally produced renewable biogas even to heavy truck transportation, which today run on liquid methane,” said Anna Lövsén, CEO of Swedish Biogas.

“Freight companies and transporters in the region are thus given a local filling station, and we are also contributing to the construction of a national network of filling stations for the trucks operating on floating LBG/LNG. There is now also the possibility of incorporating bus models that run on liquid biogas, so this is a future possibility.

“With us, the liquid biogas will 100% consist of renewable biogas. Elsewhere in the country, the liquid gas consists of a mixture of biogas and natural gas. Our gas stations for liquid biogas, therefore, make great environmental benefits, thus contributing to the word’s most resource-efficient region.”

The total investment in Linköping’s new biogas refuelling station is estimated to be just over SEK 20 million (€1.89 million), 45% of which will come from a contribution by the Swedish Climate Leap initiative, Klimatklivet.

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