New biogas plant to benefit Indiana residents

Waste No Energy, an Indiana, US-based company owned by Rakr Farms, is developing a multi-million dollar anaerobic digestion plant.

When it comes online in December 2013, the facility will handle a mixture of manure and food waste to generate 8.2 million kW of renewable power which will be purchased by Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) and used to power 940 homes.

Around 26 tonnes per day of manure and 125 tonnes per day of waste food, including expired grocery and bakery products, restaurant waste, cheese manufacturing waste and animal proteins, will be collected for the new plant

The digester will also create organic liquid fertiliser. It will be the ninth of its kind in the state.

C.G. Schmidt and U.S. Biogas are the respective general contractor and design engineering firms for the project.

Waste No Energy's capital investment is being coupled with construction finding provided by First Financial Bank. In concert in a SBA-approved loan arranged through Premier Capital, the bank will provide the long-term permanent financing.

'This technology has been utilised in Europe for decades and we are proud to bring it to Indiana,' says Doug Raderstorf, president of Waste No Energy. 'Having partners like First Financial Bank was key to moving the project forward.'

NIPSCO VP of commercial operations Karl Stanley adds: 'Renewable energy projects like this play an important role in the overall energy mix, and we hope it serves as a model for thee continued development of other sustainable renewable projects in the future.'

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