New biogas plant arrives in Kenya

Tropical Power, a developer of biogas plants in Africa, has signed a deal with Clarke Energy to supply the first two containerised Jenbacher biogas engines in sub-saharan Africa.

The combined heat and power units will be supplied to an agricultural biogas plant located at a farm near Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

The project aims to produce 2.4MW of renewable electricity to power the local farm and the surrounding area. The facility will produce biogas via anaerobic digestion of food processing wastes coming from surrounding farms.

Mike Nolan, operations director at Tropical Power, sees great potential for biogas to help power Africa particularly when used in combination with solar power.

‘Solar power can provide daytime power, with biogas being stored for use at night and when it is cloudy,’ he adds. ‘We selected Clarke Energy to supply these biogas engines on the basis of their experience of operating in sub-saharan Africa.’

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