New biogas contract signed in UK

UK-based renewable power plant business Clarke Energy (CE) is to supply Tamar Energy with combined heat and power systems for their biogas plants.

CE will initially provide six biogas engines across four Tamar sites in the UK, with a combined renewable power output of 8MWe.

The agreement comes after the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Department for Energy Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) recently presented an Anaerobic Digestion Strategy and Action Plan. It outlines a road map for increasing energy from waste through anaerobic digestion, with a target of supporting up to 3 to 5TWh of electricity from anaerobic digestion by 2020.

Dan Poulson, engineering and strategy director of Tamar Energy, says: ‘Our plans are to develop a network of anaerobic digestion plants across the UK in order to help meet the country’s renewable energy targets. Clarke’s technical solution was a key factor in us awarding these orders.’

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