New bioenergy demonstration plant for Prince Edward Island

Atlantec BioEnergy says it is to build an R&D demonstration plant on Prince Edward Island off Canada.

The company recently purchased a facility in Cornwall in the UK and is also turning this into a demonstration plant by renovating it and installing its technology.

Atlantec plans to use ‘non-traditional feedstocks’ to create the bioenergy, such as energy beets grown in the local area to produce ethanol.

The Cornwall ethanol facility is expected to come online next month and the government is supporting the latest development on the island with a $340,500 (€250,200) grant to help the project get off the ground.

‘This new facility will be active in the production of ethanol from sugar beets and will serve as a working model to demonstrate the ethanol-making process to future customers interested in Atlantec BioEnergy’s ability to deliver industrial-scale facilities,’ says Allen Roach, Canada’s minister of innovation and advanced learning. ‘Our support for this facility will add to the export potential for Atlantec BioEnergy Corporation but also for the many Island suppliers who play a role in this project.’

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