New AD plant opens in Ireland

A new anaerobic digestion plant has started operation in Roscommon, Ireland.

Designed to produce heat and electricity from sewage sludge and ‘other waste materials’, the new plant is the result of a collaboration between German plant construction company BioConstruct, and Irish company BioCore Environmental.

“We are happy that after a long period of project development, the plant is finally up and running and producing energy from waste streams,” said Declan Murray, BioCore’s founder and CEO.

According to a statement from BioConstruct, the idea to develop the Roscommon site originated in 2008, with construction commencing late 2016. Apparently, one of the key challenges for the project was securing funding.

Eventually, BioConstruct was able to agree terms with SQN Capital Management, the investment manager for SQN Asset Finance.

“Roscommon is a great site, with fantastic potential and we were delighted to have the opportunity to continue investing in the Irish AD market and to also support the expansion of both the BioCore and BioConstruct business,” said Ariel Vegoda, director of SQN Capital Management.

Equipped with two 499kW engines, the facility generates heat and energy from pressed sewage sludge and local waste streams.


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