Netzsch announces Nemo® B.Max® Mixing Pump

The Nemo® B.Max® Mixing Pump if for transferring substrates to a biogas plant. The pump is well-suited for fermented renewable raw material, liquid manure, solid manure, process water, biowaste and food waste. It is also a good choice for preprocessed slaughterhouse waste, concentrated substrates and slop. The pump also handles substrates that must be mixed with process water or liquid manure directly in the pump hopper without the need for additional mixing equipment.

The pump offers maximum substrate homogenization, increased gas production, continuous low-pulsation conveyance – independent of pressure and viscosity – as well as high pressure capability, robust drive seals, low investment and operating costs, and high operating safety.

Available in sizes for flow rates up to 1200 gpm, the pump handles differential pressures up to 1000 psi. It can be provided with custom hopper dimensions in materials from steel to chrome-nickel-steel to highly acid-resistant materials such as duplex, Hastelloy and titanium.

With rotors available in a variety of sizes and abrasive-resistant coatings, the pump features a stator vulcanized into the tube with sealing on both sides in a variety of elastomers. It can be customized with the best seal for the application. The stator inlet has a conical opening, which improves product feed into the conveying chamber. The reinforced and staggered auger flights for the mixing and conveying screw ensure maximum substance homogenization.

The pump housing features a large rectangular hopper and removable chamfered force-feed chamber and a coupling rod with patented, horizontally positioned auger, which guarantee optimal product feeding to the pumping elements. Optimal positioning of the auger flight allows for maximum mixing of the substrate. In addition, a removable opening for inspection simplifies cleaning and maintenance. The hopper is available with an optional coating to protect against abrasion and corrosion.

The pump drive is flanged directly to the pedestal, resulting in compact dimensions, low total weight, constant axial heights, high efficiency and ease of maintenance and serviceability.

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