Net-zero cheese factory set to start production in October

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Welsh company Mona Dairy makes and delivers a range of “own label” cheese products for retail and food services.

It is aiming to recruit 80 dairy farmers to produce milk for its 25,000 sq ft facility.

The Anglesey site is set to begin production in October 2022 and will run entirely on renewable energy. 

It will be capable of producing 7,000 tons of Welsh and continental cheeses each year. Mona Dairy said it aimed to have a workforce of over 100 by 2023.

A huge rise in demand – more than 9,000 litres for every ton of cheese manufactured will be required – has meant the firm will need to double the number of farmers supplying milk.

The net-zero facility, which is based on Mona Industrial Park and supported by a £3 million grant from the Welsh government, will expand to manufacture Edam, Gouda, Cheddar and a range of artisan cheeses.

Commercial Manager Simon Offord said the Mona Dairy development had received “significant interest” in relation to “the vast scale of the operation we will be unveiling later this autumn”.

“External pressures and challenges have faced all industries, from the pandemic to global issues, but we now have a fantastic team in place and are moving forward with big plans for the future,” he added.

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