Nature Energy to utilise excess CO2 in biogas agreement

Renewable energy firm Nature Energy announced in a press release that it had entered into a partnership with biogas producer Strandmøllen A/S where both will collaborate to recycle excess CO2 from the ‘world’s largest’ biogas plant in Esbjerg, Denmark.

CO2 emissions from the plant will be reduced by 70% compared with a conventional biogas plant.

According to the release, when the construction of Nature Energy’s ‘world’s largest’ biogas plant in Korskro near Esbjerg is completed, Strandmøllen will build one of the ‘world’s first’ CO2 plants which makes it possible to purify and condense excess CO2, prior to which has been difficult to make use of.

“If we’re to meet the Paris Agreement targets and continue to be a green winner nation in the future, we must reduce our CO2, emissions and bind the CO2 we already have in circulation more effectively. This is the task we’re now undertaking,” said Nature Energy CEO Ole Hveplund.

“When the construction of the Korskro biogas plant is completed, we’ll take the 40% CO2, which would otherwise have been emitted into the atmosphere, and use it for, for example, carbon dioxide in soda. This means that significantly less carbon dioxide needs to be produced using fossil energy, and it increases our possibilities of becoming green winners on the financial bottom line, the environmental bottom line and the climate bottom line.”

Nature Energy’s biogas plant is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2019 and Strandmøllen’s CO2 plant will deliver it’s first supply of CO2 during the summer of 2019.

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