Nature Energy acquires Danish biogas designer

In a press release, ‘Europe’s largest’ biogas producer Nature Energy announced that it has acquired fellow Danish biogas plant designer Xergi.

“Denmark has unique expertise when it comes to circular economy, and biogas production is circular economy at its best,” said Peter Gæmelke, chairman of Nature Energy’s board of directors.

“We're extremely pleased that we've managed to conclude an agreement to incorporate Xergi's strong competences in Nature Energy to create one strong Danish biogas company of international class that will contribute to realising the growth potential of the circular economy, both in Denmark and abroad.”

According to the release, Nature Energy owns and operates seven biogas plants whilst Xergi is described as having over 30 years of experience in designing and constructing biogas plants across the world.

“We entered the biogas market at a rather early stage, in the full knowledge that we were investing in a relatively immature industry. This has now changed, and we believe that Nature Energy is the perfect owner in terms of taking Xergi even further,” said Jens Bjerg Sørensen, president of Schow & Co., the previous owner of Xergi.

“Xergi and Nature Energy have for several years been among the driving forces behind the development of the Danish biogas sector. The two companies now merging into one strong company offers entirely new opportunities for the employees in both Xergi and Nature Energy.”

Nature Energy claims that it will have a total of 200 employees after the acquisition.

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