M+W Group to deliver UK waste-to-energy facility

Stuttgart-based global engineering and construction company M+W Group has been appointed as main contractor for the delivery of a £111 million (€150 million) energy from waste (EfW) facility in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Following the design and development phase, M+W Group will engineer, procure and construct a new 12.5MWe thermal treatment plant alongside a new materials recycling facility (MRF) on the site at Levenseat in Lanarkshire.

In addition to being the first major new waste treatment and management facility in Levenseat, the new infrastructure will be the first of its kind in the UK, combining fluidised bed gasification technology and refuse derived fuel processed by the MRF. Fluidised bed gasification technology provides a more efficient syngas from biomass than traditional incineration techniques.

Over the lifetime of the new facility, it is estimated it will recycle over 1 million tonnes of materials including plastics, metals, paper and aggregates. This will save around 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and help divert over 1.4 million tonnes of waste that would otherwise go to landfill. Exporting over 30GWh of heat and 750GWh of electricity every year, it will produce enough electricity to supply the equivalent of around 18,000 homes.

When the new facilities at Levenseat, due for completion in 2017 come on stream, they will play a key role in helping Scotland achieve its waste and recycling targets. With a stated aim of being a 'zero waste society', the Scottish Government has set a target for 70% of all waste to be recycled with a maximum of 5% of household waste going to landfill by 2025.



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