Musser Biomass and Wood Products undergoes “recapitalisation”

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Brown Gibbons Lang & Company (BGL) has announced the recapitalisation of Musser Biomass and Wood Products (Musser), a producer of premium reclaimed biomass wood fibre, by the Watermill Group.
Located in Rural Retreat, Virginia in the US, Musser is a processor and distributor of ESG-Certified biomass products, including wood fibre, biochar, wood pellets and wood briquettes.
Using a low-temperature drying technology, Musser produces a sustainable, differentiated, and uncontaminated fibre from landfill diverted waste for use in the building products sector as a key input in the manufacturing of composite wood products, residential and utility grade heating pellets and briquettes, livestock health applications, and other energy transition markets.
According to BGL, Musser's recapitalisation positions it for substantaial growth in an emerging market, with an opportunity to capitalise on a shift in evolving consmuer preferencecs driven by sustainability.

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