Muntons cuts costs with biogas plant

Muntons, a UK-based malted ingredients company, is to build a £5.4 million (€6.8 million) anaerobic digestion plant at its Stowmarket HQ.

When it comes online mid-next year, the plant will treat liquid waste streams from the malt extract production process to generate up 500kWh of electricity – around 25% of Muntons' baseload requirement.

The plant will also produce a fertiliser substitute for spreading on local farms.

Dr Nigel Davies, manufacturing and sustainability director at Muntons, was quoted as saying: 'All of this sludge has come only from processing locally grown barley, and our new AD plant will convert this into phosphorus-rich fertiliser used to cultivate more locally grown barley – a really perfect example of local recycling.'

He adds: 'For us, investing in environmental projects has helped offset the rise in energy costs, one of the key operational costs of our business. Green isn't boring. We want to open people's eyes and get a message out to our supply chain that cutting your carbon footprint isn't as complicated as it seems.'

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