Mono Muncher “increases gas yields by 8%”

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The installation of a Fluid Motions' Solution (part of NOV) "Mono Muncher" at a Spanish biogas plant has helped increase gas yields by eight percent, according to the company.

The Mono Muncher is designed for the homogenisation of sludge in digestion, feeding and recirculation, and the firm said the inline machine's tearing, shearing and crushing action has removed a bottleneck in the system. This bottleneck was causing blockages, downtime and necessitated significantly extra maintenance, it commented.

The machine is equipped with a custom-designed control system, and NOV attests that the 180 m3/hour flowrate shredder has a proven track record of protecting pumps from blocking by fine-grinding anaerobic digestion feedstocks such as municipal sludge and food waste.

The organisation further claimed that, in the event of an object initially being too strong, the Mono Muncher's overload protection technology reverses the cutters (to clear the cutter stack), with any solids "falling into the trash trap".

"The Mono Muncher can also be utilised in a wide variety of industrial applications where solids such as plastics, clothing and bones need to be reduced in size," a company spokesperson said. "These include mud-contaminated drill cuttings, aircraft sewage, abattoir waste, and wastewater from prisons."

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