Mono fermentation of dry chicken manure

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With their company, Biogastechnik Süd, the brothers Clemens and Gregor Maier offer solutions for the treatment and handling of digestates. Initially, it was the improvement of the components of their own biogas plant that prompted them to develop the first product, the paddle agitator Varibull. Over the years, further products were added: from the Easyfeeder feeding technology to the Sepogant separation technology and the Vapogant system for evaporating digestates.
The latter is the ideal solution for the treatment of digestates. This is because this process makes it possible to reduce the nitrogen content of the digestates, to reduce the volume of the digestates to be stored and to produce a mineral fertiliser (ASS = ammonium sulphate solution).
The VapoCircle Technology for the use of dry chicken manure
The Vapogant evaporation technology can also be used in the mono fermentation of dry chicken manure in the biogas plant, which has already been successfully proven in practice.
the company also has two that the ammonium content Süd, the digestates. This is because plants in Ireland, which use 100% dry chicken manure.
After the biogas plant,...

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