Monica Normark new head of biorefinery technology at Sekab E-Technology

Monica Normark is the new acting head of the biorefinery technology at clean-tech company Sekab E-technology, as of June 2019. She has been with Sekab E-Technology for two years, working primarily with developing technology for large scale production of biofuel and renewable fuel.

“Everything you can make with crude oil can be made using biomass instead, which of course is much better for the environment and our climate. Sekab E-Technology develops technologies to make this happen, and our tech platform Celluapp is now ready for use in biorefineries. I am proud to be leading our work for a more sustainable society,” said Monica Normark, acting CEO, Sekab E-Technology.

Normark holds a PhD in chemistry from Umeå University, where she has done research on the preproduction and production of sugar from lignocellulosic biomass. She has been working at Sekab E-Technology since 2017 on the development of the technology platform Celluapp, which can be used to extract sugar and lignin from wood residues, straw and other biomass. The sugar and lignin can then be used to produce green chemicals and biofuel for transport and power plants.

Celluapp is part of Rewofuel, a three-year project started in 2018 and financed by the EU. It aims to establish a number of biorefineries in the EU that will utilize residue from the forestry and sawmill industries to produce transport and aviation biofuel.

“To break our dependency on crude oil we need technologies that make it possible to use renewable resources to produce fuel and other chemical products. This international collaboration allows us to really make an impact with our world-leading technology,” said Normark.

Monica Normark takes over as the acting head of the biorefinery technology of Sekab E-Technologies when the previous head of the biorefinery technology Thore Lindgren leaves Sekab for another career opportunity. The appointment is for a period until the end of the year.

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