Moldovan sugar producer to incorporate biogas facility

A new facility scheduled for operation in September will use sugar beet pulp to produce biogas in Moldova.

Südzucker Moldova (SM), a sugar producing company, will house the new bioenergy facility at its sugar factory in Drochia to allow for ‘maximum use of waste resulting from the extraction of sugar from beets, which will be converted to "green" and organic fertilisers’.

The biogas plant will be constructed by a company based in the Czech Republic, starting in early July. To this end, during its last season, SM has prepared around four tonnes of brewing and distilling from pressed sugar beet and stored it in specially dug canals on-site.

The annual processing capacity is designed to produce around 7.3 million m3 of biogas, produced from 55,000 tonnes of feedstock.

SM says, for the first two years of operation, the facility will only process compressed sugar beet waste, before all organic waste resulting from its processes can theoretically be encompassed. The resultant heat and power will go back into powering the sugar facility.

SM placed the project budget in excess of €8 million ($10.4 million).

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