Minnesota’s first RNG plant now operational

Minnesota’s first renewable natural gas (RNG) plant is now operational.

DMT Clear Gas Solutions and Amp Americas partnered to deliver the project – a three-dairy facility that captures more than 700,000 gallons of manure to convert 2,000 standard cubic feet per minute of biogas into more than 98% RNG, using DMT’s membrane separation technology, the Carborex® MS.

Riverview is the second collaboration between DMT and Amp Americas and is the state’s first dairy to produce renewable energy generated by manure. It is also Amp’s largest dairy RNG project to date. Also, 140 people were employed during construction and six permanent, full-time jobs were created in the area.

“Amp Americas is investing heavily in dairy RNG projects across the country,” said Grant Zimmerman, CEO at Amp.

“Our projects deliver ultra-low carbon fuel to market, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing significant economic benefits to our farm partners and the communities in which we work.

“Strong partnerships with technology suppliers like DMT are very important to us, as we pursue our aggressive development plans.”

Robert Lems, general manager of DMT Clear Gas Solutions, added: “DMT completes another RNG project with Amp Americas. What a huge innovation it has been. We are proud to have doubled the amount of RNG produced with half the amount of membranes.”

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