Minister: Ukraine has “very large” potential for biomethane production

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The production of biomethane, bioethanol and biodiesel is important for the agricultural sector and the processing industry and for ensuring Ukraine's energy independence, and the potential of this sector is very large, according to the country's deputy minister of agrarian policy and food.
He was speaking during an online training session centred on the energy potential of biomass for the production of first and second generation motor biofuels.
According to forecasts, in 2030, Ukrainian business will be able to produce up to one billion cubic meters of biomethane, and in 2050 - 16 billion cubic meters of biomethane, he said.
"For the agricultural sector, waste processing into biomethane and bioethanol is additional efficiency and added value. More profit. Earlier, farmers did not know how to better dispose of waste, but now Ukraine already has the first biomethane plant and new ones are planned to be opened by the end of the year," noted Holovnya.
Holovnya also reported that the majority of bioethanol produced in Ukraine is exported to the EU.
In Ukraine, bioethanol is already added to gasoline. After the adoption of the relevant law, manufacturers will be required to use at least 5% biofuel in gasoline.
The event was organised by the Renewable Energy Agency.

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