Midlands Bioenergy Development Project officially launched in Moate

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The official launch of the new Midlands Bioenergy Development Project (MBDP) took place in the Tuar Ard venue in Moate, Ireland, recently.

The MBDP is focused on encouraging and mentoring new bioenergy sector start-ups as part of the Just Transition in the Midlands region. Bioenergy is a sector that exists in relationship with a wide range of fields and topics, such as energy costs and security, fossil fuel substitution, local enterprise, climate action, environment, circular and bioeconomy, agriculture, electricity, heat and transport.

Pádraic Ó hUiginn, project executive, said: “The ‘joined-up’ approach it brings to a number of major environmental and economic challenges is very exciting. Bioenergy covers a number of technology types.

"That said, in a very practical way, it can provide sustainable and renewable substitutes for fossil fuels in electricity, heat and transport. It is storable and dispatchable. It must meet strict sustainability criteria under the re-cast Renewable Energy Directive. They are proven technologies that are already available and deployed in other European Union member states, and in Ireland.”

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