Metso to provide gasifier for Swedish biogas project

In Sweden energy company Göteborg Energi AB is developing a biogas project, known as GoBiGas20MW.

GoBiGas20MW is focusing on producing biogas through the gasification of biofuels and forestry waste. Technology provider Metso will supply the gasifier to sustain new gasification technology.

A demo gasification plant is scheduled to be built in two stages to demonstrate the technology of the green gas concept.

Ownership and responsibility for operating the plant will be transferred to GoBiGas AB (Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project), mainly owned by Göteborg Energi.

Metso will be involved in the first stage when the 20MW gasification plant is built on the existing premises of Rya Värmecentral during 2011-2013. On a commercial scale the final plant will have a capacity of approximately 100MW biogas with an operating period of 8,000 hours/year.

The Metso gasification solution is based on new licensed technology for indirect gasification developed by Austrian company Repotec. The gasification system will use forest residue and wood pellets as the main fuels.

'We see a huge market potential for biogas in replacing fossil alternatives and our mission is to show that gasification can play an important role in biogas supply', says Åsa Burman, CEO of the GoBiGas project. 'The quality of the gasification is essential for the success of the project and with the equipment from Metso, together with the selected methanation and gas-upgrading technology,  we are now able to proceed to the next step, building the plant in order to meet our targets to replace natural gas by synthetic natural gas - from fossil energy to renewable energy'. 

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