Metsa Group strides on with bioenergy updates despite setback

Finnish wood and pulp supplier Metsa Group (MG) is to consider increasing the use and production of renewable energy sources at its pulp mill in Kemi despite another project falling by the way side.

A feasibility study and review of production technology will be undertaken by MG as it considers putting in a gasification plant for biofuel production in place of a current fossil fuel-run lime kiln. The study will focus on technical concepts and investment options and is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

Another similar gasification plant has already been commissioned at MG’s pulp mill in Joutseno this summer, which will help it become carbon dioxide-neutral during routine operations.

‘On the basis of the results of the feasibility study, the aim is to strengthen our position as a pioneer of forest bioenergy efficient production and use,’ says MG forest fibre production director Ismo Mousiainen.

However MG has abandoned plans for another Finnish biodiesel plant as research found insufficient profitability prerequisites in executing the project, which had been in review since 2009.

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