Methaplanet announces investment for its biogas production-boosting technology

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Methaplanet has raised new funding, led by strategic partner EIT InnoEnergy, to accelerate the international expansion and increase the impact of its Maxximizer technology.
This is a patented energy pellet production facility converting feedstock such as straw, straw-based manure or grass into high-yielding energy pellets.
The unique process ensures that the organic matter in the feedstock becomes much more susceptible to the bacteria in a biogas plant.
Methaplanet said it has proven that the Maxximizer can consistently boost the yield of the feedstock by five times and shorten the retention time in the plant by almost three times.
Xander Sandell, founder and CEO of Methaplanet, said: "The structure and ecosystem of EIT InnoEnergy, with leading international industrials and financial companies as shareholders as well as a strong link to the EU, provides a good platform for collaboration.
"Their network of offices in 17 countries, access to universities, and other knowledge centres create unique possibilities in various countries to increase our focus on R&D and sales.
"Availability of feedstock for biogas plants is a challenge in most European countries, we will make a significant contribution to solve this challenge and contribute to the energy transition and the circular economy."
Roel van Diepen, investment manager EIT InnoEnergy Benelux, commented: “In order to achieve our climate goals and diversify away from fossil fuels, the growth of biogas production is an important priority for the EU, with RepowerEU ambitions targeting more than a 10-fold increase in biogas supply by 2030.
"Methaplanet’s innovation has the potential to contribute to these goals by upgrading and optimising a typically low-value and hard-to-digest feedstock, such as straw-based manures.
"We are impressed by the founding team, its partners, the pilot plant in France, and growth prospects. We believe InnoEnergy can play an instrumental role in accelerating the growth of Methaplanet through our innovation ecosystem.”


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