MEPs urged to maintain priority dispatch for existing renewable installations

The European Biomass Association AEBIOM has united with a range of renewable energy sources associations to urge MEPs to maintain priority dispatch for existing installations.

A draft report published by Dr. Karins MEP proposes changes to the current dispatching regime for generating installations using renewable energy sources. In a letter, a range of renewable energy industry associations, including Ocean Energy Europe, Wind Europe, the European Biogas Association, as well as AEBIOM, emphasize three major elements that need to be considered when revising the dispatching regime for renewables. The associations argue that these three considerations are crucial for maintaining investment in renewables and giving Europe a chance of fulfilling its climate change targets.

The first consideration highlighted is that most European electricity markets are not yet fit for renewables. The authors of the letter point out that “The granularity of markets, the evolution towards short-term products, the level of transparency of network operation, and the overall flexibility of electricity systems are uneven in Europe.” With that in mind, the authors of the letter argue “Ignoring specific national situations, and imposing an unconditional EU-wide phase-out of priority dispatch and priority access to all generating installations would put the development of renewables at risk.”

Secondly, the letter points out that market-based dispatch involves prohibitive technical and administrative burdens for households and small businesses. The group of RES associations argues: “Demonstration projects, which are innovative technologies tested at close to market scale, must benefit from an electricity market framework providing certainty and stability.”

Finally, the letter argues that retrospective changes undermine a cost effective energy transition, and investors need to regain trust in the EU as a stable regulatory framework for renewables.

“We urge the European Parliament to maintain priority dispatch for existing installations, demonstration projects and small installations until EU market rules are fully transparent and effective, ensuring a true level playing field. This would ensure a progressive approach towards market-based development of renewables ensuring their growth and the fulfilment of EU objectives for 2030 and beyond,” a statement reads.

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