Meeting NZ’s biomass needs

Austria-based Polytechnik is helping New Zealand sawmills cut emissions with innovative biomass technology.

With more than 3,300 plants installed worldwide and an export rate of 95%, Austrian firm Polytechnik has become a global player and leading supplier of customised solutions for any application, be it warm water, thermal oil or steam, from co-generation plants to process heat generators and municipal heating networks.

With its independent subsidiary (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polytechnik Austria) under the management of managing director Christian Jirkowsky, Polytechnik has been active in Australia and New Zealand for over 10 years and now has a multitude of installations and references to show, among others in the biomass industry.

New Zealand’s forests cover about 10.1 million hectares (ha) — 38 % of its total area. In 2019, around 37 million m³ of timber was harvested, 62% of which was exported. One important local consumer is the sawmill industry, which produced 4.4 million m³ of sawn timber in 2019. Despite the great distances and restrictions caused by the pandemic, Polytechnik realised...

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