MDU enters final stages of methane collection project

On 20 August 2010 Montana-Dakota Utilities began installing the last piece of equipment needed at its landfill methane collection programme in the city of Billings, Montana, US.

The installation of the compressor-blower skid, which will pull gas from the landfill site before compressing and cleaning it ready to be injected into MDU’s pipeline, is predicted to be finished by November this year before the gas will start flowing one month later.

MDU gas superintendent David Hood explains that the installation of the final piece of equipment will take some time to complete due to the large amount of piping and wiring required.

MDU will spend $10 million (€7.9 million) on the new Billings collection system, which, when up and running, will extract approximately 2 million cubic feet of raw gas a day from a number of wells placed throughout the landfill site.

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