MCS publishes new standard for UK biomass boiler maintenance

The UK’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) has published a new standard for the maintenance of biomass boilers.

The publication follows months of industry engagement to design this new standard to help improve the air quality of emissions from biomass boilers.

The standard was commissioned following the UK Government’s Clean Air Strategy 2018, Urban Biomass Consultation, and the findings of testing, inspection and certification, training and consultancy specialist Kiwa’s research into the measurement of the in-situ performance of solid biomass boilers.

Now, the government intends to introduce a requirement for biomass boiler owners in receipt of the Renewable Heat Incentive to carry out annual preventative maintenance checks.

“This standard has been designed by the industry, for the industry,” said Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS. “Appropriate biomass boiler maintenance is crucial to help tackle the air quality effects and emissions. We’ve designed this new standard to be easy to understand and comply with.

“The efficient running of a biomass system thanks to regular maintenance can reduce costs to the consumer and have a significant impact on reducing emissions.”

Bruce Allen, CEO of solid fuel safety and standards organisation, HETAS, commented: “We’re really pleased to see this standard published. It’s another step forward in working towards a safer and cleaner environment by minimising the impacts of what we burn and how we burn it.

“Proper maintenance of appliances is absolutely key to making sure they remain as efficient from installation and we need to make sure industry professionals are equipped to comply with this new standard.”

The government thanked MCS, HETAS and the wider biomass industry for their help in developing the new industry standard for boiler maintenance checks.

HETAS is set to launch a registration scheme for competent servicing businesses on 1 August.

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