MCG launch DURABIO™ – a plant-based bio-engineering plastic 

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG) says MCG's bio-based engineering plastic, DURABIO, has been adopted for the entire body of the biomass plastic helmet, “Pervio BP”, manufactured by Starlite Company Ltd. 

This product has been sold by Starlite since June 1, 2022.

DURABIO is a bio-based engineering plastic made from the renewable plant-derived raw material, isosorbide. 

It has better performance than any other common engineering plastic typically used for helmets in terms of scratch resistance, good colouring, and glossy surface. 

These characteristics were fully evaluated, and for the first time the material was adopted as a plant-based plastic for helmets.

The material has been adopted for the body and peak of the Pervio BP helmet, sold by Starlite, which is the first helmet to receive a biomass plastic mark.

The use of biomass plastic made from plant-based materials such as DURABIO can reduce the consumption of petroleum and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

MCG will continue to focus on the development of DURABIO as they move towards realising carbon neutrality.

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