McCulla adds 10 biomethane trucks to fleet

Irish chilled and frozen logistics company McCulla has added 10 new biomethane-fuelled IVECO S-WAY NP CNG 4x2 tractor units to its fleet.

Eight out of the 10 trucks will immediately go into service on its new contract with Lidl Northern Ireland, powered by biomethane from food waste collected from 41 stores in the region.

Ashley McCulla, company chairman, said: “We have been producing all of our own electricity since 2017 from our AD plant in Lisburn with a goal of using the energy to power our trucks.

“Working with Lidl Northern Ireland, we have delivered on that ambition and we are honoured to be part of a real first for Northern Ireland. We’re proud to see our new green fleet finally roll out across the region.”

McCulla runs a total fleet of around 100 trucks and, over the next five years, intends to phase out diesel in favour of gas to further reduce its emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

The tractor units will deliver reduced carbon emissions on retail deliveries by up to 95% when operating on biomethane and are the first of IVECO’s new S-WAY NP CNG models to go into service in the UK.

“We are pleased to have played our part in making history here in Northern Ireland and to put the first of the new IVECO S-WAY NP CNG trucks into service,” said Rod Hawkins, heavy trucks business development manager at NI Trucks, which supplied the trucks to McCulla.

“The feedback from drivers has been very positive in that once they are behind the wheel, the controls and driving experience are the same as diesel, but just a little quieter.”

Conor Boyle, regional director of Lidl Northern Ireland, said the partnership with McCulla underlines its commitment to developing sustainable, innovative solutions, commenting; “From using renewable electricity to power our stores, to advancing our Plastic Pledge and introducing numerous in-store initiatives to reduce waste, Lidl Northern Ireland is leading the way.

“We are thrilled to now be the first supermarket retailer to successfully integrate the first waste-to-energy sustainable transport model.

“We’re proud to work alongside McCulla to pave the way for the sector and Northern Ireland in driving a cleaner, greener economy through responsible business practice.”

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