Marvel Power Group joins RNG Coalition

Marvel Power Group has joined the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, joining 280 companies and organisations across the US.

Marvel Power is a woman-owned advisory and brokerage platform focused on structuring high-volume, financeable biogas offtake contracts and investment agreements, with more than 25 years of experience.

“We are thrilled to join an esteemed group of industry leaders looking for creative ways to decarbonise our power and gas mix while leveraging existing infrastructure,” said Katherine Ryzhaya, Marvel’s CEO.

“Displacing fossil gas with zero or negative-emission alternatives is a climate imperative and a complement to electrification, and that’s before we factor in local economic and societal benefits. Marvel seeks to enhance the use of RNG beyond the transportation sector, cutting emissions from gas that currently powers our daily lives.”

Johannes Escudero, CEO of the RNG Coalition, said: “Marvel brings a unique of expertise assisting large end-use customers in the acquisition of RNG for their various applications. We are pleased to welcome Marvel to the RNG Coalition and to our industry’s efforts to help decarbonise our energy infrastructure.”

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