Markey Group opens £1.1m biomass facility

Gloucester-based Markey Group has opened a new £1.1 million (Є1.35 million) biomass facility.

The burner runs on wood waste generated by the subsidiary of Markey Group, Premiere Kitchens. On average, Premiere Kitchens creates approximately 2,350 tonnes of wood waste each year in the form of extracted chipboard dust and residual off-cuts. Previously, the majority of this would have gone to landfill, but with the introduction of the new boiler, it is now being used to generate all the heating and hot water required for the company's 8.5-acre site at Hardwicke.

Commissioned by UK-based Indusvent Limited, the new system features a 2.1 MW hot water boiler manufactured by Danish-based Justsen Energiteknik A/S. Burning is automatically controlled to maximise efficiency, with results monitored both on site and at the manufacturer's premises in Denmark.

Since installing the biomass facility, Markey Group has been able to remove its mains gas supply. As a result, the company anticipates reducing its carbon emissions by more than 1,020 tonnes per year.

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