Manure to power international horse show

100% of the electricity used at the 2017 Helsinki International Horse Show will be produced from horse manure at Fortum’s Järvenpää power plant.

The equestrian event taking place at the Helsinki Ice Hall will consume about 140MWh of electricity.

According to a statement from Fortum, it is the first time in the world that the power for a major horse show will be produced entirely from horse manure. The origin of the electricity will be verified by the Guarantee of Origin system maintained by Fingrid.

“I am really proud that electricity produced with horse manure can be utilised for an event that is important to equestrian fans and the horse sector,” said Anssi Paalanen, vice president of HorsePower, Fortum.

“It is great that Finland’s biggest and best-known horse show is a forerunner in energy and environmental issues.”

Paalanen’s enthusiasm was shared by Tom Fordin, event director of the show.

“It’s great to participate in electrifying the pilot event of the Fortum HorsePower concept with horse manure. Overall, the concept is fascinating and creates tremendous opportunities for the entire horse sector in Europe. This is also an important part of our own Horse Show Jumps Green environmental project.”

Fortum HorsePower is a bedding and manure management service for stables, with the manure generated at the stables transported for use in energy production. The service has been operating in the Uusimaa region for two years, and also covers much of southern and western Finland, as well as the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Throughout the event, which runs from 18-22 October, Fortum HorsePower will provide wood-based bedding for the roughly 250 horses staying in temporary stalls at the Helsinki Ice Hall. The manure-bedding mixture will then be transported to Fortum’s Järvenpää power plant, where it will be used to produce electricity.

It is estimated that 135 tonnes of manure-bedding mixture will be generated through the course of the event. 

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