Manufacturing company invests £500,000 in biomass boilers

A specialist manufacturing company has invested £500,000 (€565,500) in installing biomass boilers, as part of a five year plan to ultimately switch to exclusively using sustainable and renewable energy.

Boardlink has installed the Fröling biomass boilers to fuel its 32,500 square metre site based in Hawarden, north Wales. The new boilers replace Boardlink’s existing oil dependent boilers.

“The foundation of European carton board production is based on continuously growing well-managed forests as well as paperboard mills powered by bioenergy,” said Ben Still, managing director of Boardlink, in a statement.

“This investment is the first step to ensure our production process is as environmentally friendly as our products.”

As part of the new installation, a bespoke energy plant room has been incorporated into the heart of the factory to house the boilers, which were installed and commissioned in September. The Fröling biomass boilers are fuelled by wood chips and are 40% more efficient than Boardlink’s previous boilers, using a supply of CO2 ­­neutral, naturally renewable raw materials.


The right thing to do

“The investment is not only the right thing to do for the business and environment, but it will also improve working conditions for our employees during the winter months as a result of the upgraded and more efficient heating system,” Still explained.

Boardlink, a privately owned company with a £22.5 million turnover, specialises in carton board sales, conversion and lamination, as well as the manufacturing of carton board ready-meal trays, paper plates and a wide range of catering and janitorial wipes and wiper cloths.

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