Malaysian bioeconomy set to benefit from new hub

Malaysia-based developer of a dedicated biotechnology park and ecosystem, Malaysian Bio-XCell, has unveiled its new Central Hub facility to support the country’s Bioeconomy Transportation Programme.

Based in Johor, the Central Hub will serve as the focal point in the Bio-XCell biotechnology park, acting as a catalyst for a biotechnology ecosystem in Iskandar Malaysia.  The complex comprises of a business building, a science building and an auditorium to provide a environment that supports the development of a biotech community.

‘We hope to engage with many of the companies exploring a location for their operations in this region. We feel our Central Hub is an ideal location for MNCs and upcoming SMEs to foster cooperative relationships within the industry,’ says Malaysian Bio-XCEll CEO Rizatuddin Ramli.

The project is set to cost around RM44.7 million (€11.1 million) and is expected to be completed by Q3 2013.

A proposal has also been signed between Malaysian BiotechCorp, Malaysian Bio-XCell and Worldwide Medivest, a new medical device manufacturing company, to explore the potential development of a hub for the so-called Southern Corridor for Medivest’s products and services.

The agreement will also explore the construction of an ethylene gas sterilisation facility and training centre, in collaboration with potential business partners.

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