Malawi biofuel facility to receive biogas engines from Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy will sell two INNIO Jenbacher biogas engines to PressCane, a biofuel distillery based in Malawi.

PressCane’s ethanol production site generates biofuel in the form of ethanol, which is blended with petrol and sold to motorists throughout the country. The company’s anaerobic digestion plant treats effluent arising from the site and generates biogas, which will now be used as a renewable fuel for the biogas engines.

PressCane, a subsidiary of conglomerate Press Corporation, started operations in 2004. The site, located on the Shire River, produces biofuel from fermented sugarcane molasses. The biofuel is then used to increase the renewable energy content of local petroleum fuels at a ratio of 20% ethanol to 80% petrol. It also reduces the country’s reliance on the importation of fossil fuels for transport.

The two INNIO Jenbacher J320 gas engines, supplied by Clarke Energy as a combined heat and power plant, are capable of delivering 1,063 kW of electricity each. Additionally, the customer will recover heat from the engines in the form of steam via boilers with around 2,000 kW of renewable heat available to support the site’s heating requirements.

SS Techno, an Indian technology company specialising in turnkey zero liquid discharge systems for the industrial wastewater sector, served as the project consultant. After technical and commercial assessments, Clarke Energy received the recommendation.

“We are honoured to be able to support this innovative project, not only generating renewable power and heat to support resilience at Press Cane’s site in Malawi but also to support the generation of sustainable transport fuels for the country,” said Alex Marshall, group business development and marketing director at Clarke Energy.

PressCane’s chief operations officer, Bryson Mkhomaanthu, commented: “The utilisation of biogas generated from our wastewater treatment plant will not only produce renewable power and heat for our site’s operations, but it will also fulfil the company’s ambitions of being the leading supplier of sustainable fuel sources to the local industry.”

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