Major Polish power plant to transition to biomass from coal

A concept for the transition of a coal boiler to biomass has been accepted by major Polish energy firm, ZE PAK.

The plan, which was approved by the firm’s supervisory board, will see the existing K7 coal boiler at Konin power plant transformed into a biomass-fired generating unit. After the update, the boiler will work with a 50 MWe turbogenerator to produce electricity. In emergencies, the new unit will supply heat and electricity to the city of Konin.

This project is the first of its kind in Poland, which still heavily relies on coal for fuel. Konin power plant is the oldest plant belonging to ZE PAK. It was the country’s first power plant fired with lignite sourced from open pits and has produced electricity for Konin’s National Power System for years.

The first biomass unit in ZE PAK was commissioned in the Konin Power Plant Area in June 2012. In March 2018 the biomass unit was adapted to heat production for the city.

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