Lufthansa to test new aviation biofuel

Lufthansa is testing a new type of biofuel for use in aircraft to increase its efforts to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.

The aircraft carrier is teaming up with Gevo to research the blending of Gevo's ATJ with conventional kerosene for aircraft use.

The alcohol-to-jet fuel producer uses fermented plant waste from a range of sources to produce isobutanol, a form of alcohol which can then be converted into kerosene using standard refinery processes.

Commercial isobutanol production is thought to be cheaper than using current biofuel refining processes.

The European Commission is funding the research as part of its Blending Study project.

The aircraft carrier was the first airline worldwide to use biofuels in commercial flights in 2011, using a 50:50 mix of biofuel - from plant oils and animal fats - and regular kerosene.

However, the airline ended the trial after six months, saying reliable stocks were too limited.

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