Lithuania’s first biomethane plant is now operational

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Lithuania's Ministry of Energy has announced that the country's first biomethane plant is now operational.
Located in the Pasvalys District, the Tube Green plant is estimated to produce 100 gigawatt hours (GWh) of biomethane per year. This will cover up to 1% of the country's total annual gas demand.
Tube Green is implementing the project in cooperation with local biofuel producer Kurana, with an investment of €15 million.
Lithuania's Environment Minister Simonas Gentvilas said in a news release that €2.8 million has been allocated to the plant from the European Climate Change Programme.
According to the Ministry of Environment, the purification technology that the plant is using will avoid emissions of pollutants, noise or smell during production and transportation.
"The rapid development of biomethane production will help Lithuania reduce its consumption of fossil fuels and consolidate its energy independence," said Jurgis Polujanskas, chief executive officer of Kurana.

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