Liqvis, L.I.T. Cargo, IVECO partner on bio-LNG project

Liqvis, L.I.T. Cargo and IVECO Magirus have joined forces on a flagship project using 100% bio-LNG from renewable sources.

As part of the project, Liqvis, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Uniper that is building and operating an LNG infrastructure for heavy-duty trucks, provided bio-LNG from its site in Hamm, Germany, to logistics company L.I.T. The firm ran up to 16 IVECO S-way NP trucks exclusively on the bio-LNG supplied by Liqvis.

Ulm-based IVECO Magirus joined the project, using a telematics system to record performance data such as fuel consumption, power, driving style analysis, and other measurement data for the LNG trucks. Like all IVECO Natural Power vehicles, the environmentally-friendly IVECO semi-trailer trucks are ‘bio-LNG ready’.

The Euro VI Cursor 9 and Cursor 13 engines used in the IVECO S-Way NP can be operated entirely using the bio-LNG certified in this project.

“This flagship project in collaboration with L.I.T. is an important milestone on our way to demonstrating the advantages and reliability of bio-LNG in heavy-duty trucks,” said Sebastian Gröblinghoff, managing director of Liqvis.

“LNG trucks have been travelling on European roads using conventional LNG for several years now, which has significantly reduced emissions. By using sustainably produced bio-LNG, even today transport operations using heavy-duty trucks can be almost climate neutral.

“Alternative LNG drive systems play a leading role in sustainable and decarbonised logistics, as well as on economic conditions in comparison to conventional drive systems.”

Claas Bunjes, head of mobility and digital solutions at L.I.T., added: “By introducing the first LNG trucks to our fleet, we have taken another step toward climate-neutral transport operations.

“Replacing fossil-based LNG with bio-LNG means we can already provide transport operations that are almost CO2-neutral, so we are making an active contribution to protecting the climate.

“To me, the advantage of bio-LNG is that it is made of residual and waste materials and can be used directly without any restrictions and any further conversion of the vehicle.”

Liqvis and EnviTec Biogas recently concluded a contract for the supply of bio-LNG. Under the agreement, EnviTec will supply Liqvis with bio-LNG from the third quarter of 2022.

Starting next year, bio-LNG will be produced at EnviTec’s biogas plant in Güstrow, which has so far been used to produce biomethane but is now being converted to produce bio-LNG. Liqvis will offer the fuel as an alternative for heavy-duty trucks at its filling stations in Germany from autumn 2022.

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