Linde Engineering buys Choren

Chroen Industries has been sold to Linde Engineering Dresden after it went into adminstration and Linde will continue to develop Choren’s Carbo-V technology for synthetic gas.

This gas can be used to produce biofuels and Linde already works in this sector, planning, delivering and constructing chemical, gas, biotechnology and pharmaceutical plants.

The insolvency administrator, Bruno Kübler, contacted about 200 investors around the world to see if they would invest in launching commercial operations at the demonstration plant for syntheic gas in Freiberg, Germany, but none of the companies were interested.

However, following the sale to Linde, the 65 staff members at Choren will keep their jobs for the time being although consultations with investors, with discussions surrounding the Beta Plant, are still underway.

‘The sale of this very important and promising division to Linde is a success for the creditors, ’ says Kübler following the signature of the sale agreement. ‘At the same time, Carbo-V technology has now been taken over by the most qualified partner you can imagine in the world market. So there is a genuine chance that the Carbo-V technology developed by Choren will become marketable.’

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