Lidl Denmark adds two biogas-powered trucks to its fleet

Lidl Denmark has added two biogas-powered trucks to its fleet of Lidl's distribution trucks. The new trucks, built in partnership with Scania Denmark, will work in the supermarket chain's distribution division, based in Lidl's logistics centre in Køge and throughout Zealand and the metropolitan area.

The new trucks run on biogas and cool the cargo with cyrotechnics. Cooling via cyrotechnology makes them 97% carbon dioxide (CO2) neutral, compared to a traditional diesel-powered refrigeration plant, and will save up to 15 tonnes of CO2 per truck annually.

Marcus Gustafsson, Lidl's COO, said: "At Lidl, we have a keen focus on our sustainability strategy in logistics, and we already have a truck with another green technology in operation. With the two new trucks, however, we think we are taking another step in the right direction and there is no doubt that we will continue along that path. Sustainability is a deliberate and targeted strategy at Lidl."

"In collaboration with our hauliers, we have chosen to have two new refrigerated conveyors specially built and test some of the most advanced technology in the area," said Allan Nielsen, head of logistics at Lidl. "Therefore, we are of course delighted with the cooperation we have had with Scania Denmark, which built the cars for us, powered by climate-neutral fuel, and KH One Stop, which has provided the cyrotechnology that allows the refrigerated transport to be carried out with 97% CO2 reduction."

In addition to the new biogas trucks, Lidl Denmark has made several commitments to help offset its CO2 emissions in 2020, including: switching to 100% LED Lighting in the retail areas of its 125 stores;  buying environmental certificates e.g. Norwegian electric power; buying into carbon offsetting projects involving methane, wind and solar and plant more trees in Demark.

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