LF BiOenergy, Cresta to develop RNG production facilities

Cresta Fund Management (Cresta) and LF BiOenergy have joined forces to develop, own and operate RNG production facilities in the US.

LF BiOenergy has extensive experience in RNG and agriculture industry relationships, while Cresta is a growth-oriented private equity firm investing in sustainable and conventional energy and industrial infrastructure.

LF’s RNG facilities will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and help US farmers and industrial and food processing companies mitigate their organic waste management challenges and achieve their carbon emission reduction objectives.

The LF team intends to leverage its deep experience in the oil, gas, renewable energy, and agricultural industries, along with Cresta’s renewable fuels market knowledge, to develop ‘industry-best’ RNG facilities.

Brent Lilienthal, CEO of LF BiOenergy, said: “We are excited to partner with Cresta, as currently there are a limited number of sophisticated asset developers and operators in the RNG sector and we intend to capitalise on that.”

LF will initially aim to work with US dairy farmers, developing long-term partnerships to upgrade waste management practices.

“LF provides turn-key RNG solutions tailored for site-specific design, safety and operational excellence that allows our farmer partners to greatly enhance long-term operational profitability and environmental stewardship,” added Lilienthal.

“When a farmer partners with LF BiOenergy, we roll up our sleeves together to find the optimum design for each unique farm’s needs.”

Cresta’s managing partner, Chris Rozzell, commented: “We look forward to working with LF BiOenergy, a best-in-class developer and operator of RNG assets.

“This partnership represents an opportunity for Cresta to invest in infrastructure that produces and delivers renewable fuels that are a drop-in replacement of conventional fuels and help decarbonise the agriculture sector, which was responsible for around 10% of all US GHG-equivalent emissions in 2018.”

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