Landia wins fish feedstock Anaerobic Digestion contract

British manufacturer Landia has been awarded a major new contract at an Anaerobic Digestion plant in Scotland. The company will provide pumping, mixing, ensiling and pasteurisation equipment for fish morts that will be utilised as feedstock for the expanding Anaerobic Digestion facility.

The plant’s 8m3 pasteuriser, fitted with a side-entry propeller mixer and dry-installed chopper pump from Landia, will process fish morts in compliance with Animal By-Products regulations, fully approved by vets.

Landia’s engineers will also design, manufacture and install a 10m3 ensiling tank with an 18.5kW stainless steel long shaft chopper pump. The unit will recirculate and blend fish morts into a smooth purée, before discharging them into the pasteuriser.

It’s hoped that suitably mixing, pumping and pasteurising the fish morts at 70 degrees Celsius with the new equipment will significantly increase the gas yields from the Anaerobic Digestion plant.

Alongside ensilers and pasteurisers, Landia also supplies the acclaimed GasMix AD digester system. Additionally, the company has just launched BioBuster, its new, non-pumping pre-pumping treatment unit for Anaerobic Digestion feedstocks with a high dry matter content. 

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