Landia UK celebrates 25-year milestone and progress in AD, biogas sectors

Leading UK chopper pump and mixer manufacturer Landia UK is celebrating 25 years in business. Starting with just two members of staff, the firm has grown into a successful solutions provider, particularly in the anaerobic digestion (AD) sector.

Landia UK originally opened its doors near Whitchurch, Shropshire, and has seen its pumps and mixers serve multiple industries. Over the past 10 years, the firm has excelled in the biogas sector, where its externally-mounted GasMix digester mixing system has proved popular with operators. Landia (headquartered in Denmark) began making slurry pumps in 1933 and its products are able to cope easily with food waste and co-digestion applications.

The company's GasMix and chopper pumps have also been successful in the municipal/water industry, which is currently looking to capitalise on sludge through anaerobic digestion. Landia UK has already provided equipment for Scottish Water, Yorkshire Water, Severn Trent and Bellozanne STW in Jersey.

Liz Robinson, who has been co-running Landia UK since its inception, said: "We've had quite a journey already in our 25 years, but we still have so much potential and appetite to win new business - always supporting our customers to help them run their plants as smoothly as possible."

"We have huge belief in the quality of our equipment - and take great pride in hearing about the efficiency and effectiveness of it from our customers," added Paul Davies, who co-runs Landia UK with Liz Robinson. "Hugh Vaughan did a truly brilliant job in leading Landia UK, to put us on the map - and with the excellent hard-working team that we now have in place, we continue to go from strength to strength - with everything to play for in the future."

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