Landia to supply pasteurisers to Romanian biogas plant

Landia has been chosen to supply two pasteurisers to a new waste-to-energy biogas plant in Romania.

The two 25 m3 BioChop units will play a crucial role in eliminating biohazards by heating biomass to a minimum of 72oC for one-hour batch processes – allowing the final digestate to be utilised safely as a high-quality fertiliser.

Equipped with a Landia chopper pump and side-entry mixer, the plug-in-and-play BioChop can treat both slaughterhouse and food waste for flows in excess of 300 tonnes per day.

Delivered complete with a user-friendly control system for regulation, monitoring. and registration of the hygienisation process, the BioChop also benefits from having no moving parts inside the pasteurisers, eliminating the need to enter the tank to carry out maintenance.

The Landia BioChop pasteuriser is also supplied with an integral heating jacket as part of its solid and compact design for high treatment capacity. In the lower part, the chopper pump ensures comprehensive circulation of the biomass, preventing dead zones in the tank.

According to Landia, the BioChop constantly reduces particle size for optimisation of the heating process and the supply of suitably homogenised feedstock for the digesters. The chopper pimp can also be used to empty the tank – typically achieved in just a few minutes, Landia said.

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