Landia pasteurisers aid Shropshire Energy AD plant

Three pasteurisation systems made by Landia are helping Shropshire Energy produce 2.5MW of renewable energy at its AD plant in Littleport, Cambridgeshire, UK.

Designed as a free-standing unit that heat-treats organic waste so that the resulting thin substance can be used as an energy-efficient substrate, each of the three 8m3 pasteurisers at Shropshire Energy is fitted with an 11kW Landia Chopper Pump and a PODTR-I 7.5kW Landia side-entry propeller mixer.

Organic waste received at 40oC is liquefied, then heated to 70oC, before the pasteurised matter is pumped back out as a valuable raw material in closed pipes by one process to a buffer tank and then separator.

The finished digestate (8% dry solids) is BSI pas110-approved for use as a nutrient-rich fertiliser.

Any surplus electricity generated from the AD operation is fed back to the national grid to power nearby homes and businesses.

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