Landfill gas-to-energy plant opens in Georgia

The completion of a 4.8MW renewable energy facility in Valdosta, Georgia was commemorated at the beginning of May with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Environmental services provider Advanced Disposal partnered with Energy Systems Group (ESG), an energy services provider, to design, build, own and operate the landfill gas-to-electricity plant at the Pecan Row Landfill.

It will generate power by capturing landfill gas emitted from decomposing waste and using it as a fuel source to power generators. Green Power EMC will buy the power under a long-term power purchase agreement.

'Being able to convert our landfill gas into reusable energy is a win for everyone: the environment, the energy users and the landfill,' says Gerald Allen, Advanced Disposal's VP of landfills. 'This landfill gas resource will provide a long-term source of green, renewable electricity for the citizens of Georgia and fosters a collaborative partnership among key stakeholders in the field of electricity.'

Greg Collins, ESG president, adds: This marks our third landfill gas project in Georgia and our sixth in the US.'

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