Land O’Lakes and CalBio team up with farmers for “barn to biogas” initiative

In an effort to encourage Californian dairy farmers to recycle animal waste, Land O’Lakes and California Bioenergy (CalBio) will begin assisting the implementation process of “barn to biogas” technologies. The two companies will also offer financing to help farmers install on-site methane digesters that can produce renewable compressed natural gas.

The initiative will allow farmers to comply with state targets which call for a 40% reduction in dairy and livestock methane emissions by 2030. The reduction will be counted against emissions data collected in 2013.  

Matt Carstens, Senior Vice President of Land O’Lakes SUSTAI N says: “Land O’Lakes and CalBio are creating the end-to-end sustainability infrastructure that farmers need to make ‘barn-to-biogas’ a reality. This is impact investing at its best – eliminating barriers to the adoption of new sustainability technology, unlocking new revenue streams for farmers, cutting emissions and creating a public good.”

Neil Black, President of CalBio adds: “CalBio's dairy digesters are proven in California. We are excited to expand that work even further through this collaboration with Land O’Lakes and their member-owners in California. Our expertise and ongoing operational support will help dairy farmers make the most of a significant new revenue stream through biogas generation, while allowing them to stay focused on doing what they do best – producing wholesome, delicious food in a sustainable way.”

As an additional incentive, Land O’Lakes members will be eligible for financial assistance of up to $3 million (€2.5 million) when committing to large-scale sustainable projects.

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