KRF sells 100,000 t/y torrefaction plant to Europe

A European corporation has ordered a full-scale commercial 100,000 tonne per year torrefaction plant from Konza Renewable Fuels (KRF) and Aeon Energy Solutions. Expected delivery is early 2015.

KRF is headquartered in Topeka in the US state of Kansas and operates in the green, renewable energy sector. The company says its proprietary test unit in Healy, Kansas has torrefied numerous test materials over the past three years, providing proof of concept.

Some feedstocks, including purpose-growth crops and different species of woody biomass, have been tested to energy levels exceeding 25GJ per tonne. KRF's current offerings consist of models with production capabilities up to 25 tonnes per hour (210,000 tonnes per year).

Its torrefaction equipment has also been designed to meet stringent air quality and particulate emission standards.

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